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In the world of websites, WordPress has fast become the standard. As of August 2013, WordPress comprised of more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites with more than 60 million websites total (according to wikipedia.com). While this means you can be in good company, it also shows that WordPress is a proven and usable platform.

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But I thought it was for blogging?WordPress official logo

Yes, WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but with the addition of pages and the continual progression of features, such as responsive image handling, WordPress has fast become the favorite of web developers. It is flexible and you can easily add new functionality without having to get deep into coding.

Open source means free, right?

Yes, the WordPress platform itself is free, but quality site development, secure maintenance, and professional speed hosting is well worth the investment. This is where we come in. We have expertise in putting together a number of different solutions using WordPress, and this expertise and know-how will be leveraged on your project.

We specialize in customizing WordPress sites. This means that we have conversations with you about your business, the needs of your users, and craft a plan to deliver a solution that works for you. What you won’t get from us: you won’t catch us purchasing a template off a large-scale marketplace and installing it as your custom design without telling you.

We Work With Proven Frameworks

Frameworks are expanded themes that are supported by developers and an active community. They tend to be more solid, better performing, and our knowledge of them means faster development time for you. These are frameworks that we prefer to work with, so much so that **we are affiliates**:

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