Web Design

Because your site is more than a bunch of pages

You can no longer put up a couple of pages for a website and wait for your customers to come to you. You should expect more when you pay for quality website design.

Located in Bend, Oregon we offer custom web design services with a personal touch. Website design customers are stepped through the web development process to get to the site they need while being guided by our expert advice.


A successful website needs a strategy that includes setting goals, identifying audiences, mapping out content, wire framing,  selecting design elements, and establishing maintenance protocols. This leads to an effective site that saves time and costs and enhances user engagement. 

Heuristic evaluations to identify factors contributing to your site’s usability, performance and search engine rank.


These are the blueprints of your site, allowing us to work through details on paper rather than in code.

Goal Setting

What does your website need to do for you and your business? Clarifying those goals and Calls to Action (CTAs) are key to your site’s success.


Time to breakdown how we are going to approach the site’s navigation and spelling out content for each of the site’s pages. 


Every strategically-driven project needs to take an assessment of the industry you’re in as well as your competitors.


Keyword research and developing
search engine friendly content is key to getting your site listed well.

For more complex projects, we offer user testing, personas, task analysis and more to identify your user’s needs.

Custom web design

More than a template. Our websites involve research and strategy to deliver a website tailored to your needs.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to look good and function well on all sizes of devices. Responsive design is included in all of the websites that we build.


Every website should be built with every potential user in mind. Accessibility and compliance should be a part of the equation for your site from the beginning.


Our web design practices incorporates the users’ experience, considers multiple devices for responsive design, incorporates accessible practices, and a website build just for you and your business.


At Saveda Web Strategies, we specialize in crafting visually stunning websites that not only captivate your audience but also boast exceptional speed and security. Leveraging the latest cutting-edge tools and web strategies, we ensure your website stands out from the competition.

website development

Using best practices, we develop solidly built websites customized to your needs and meant to last.

WordPress development

We know WordPress and will configure WordPress to work for you with its user-friendly content management system.


Loop your website into your business processes and power it up with data such as Google Analytics.


Safeguard your investment against potential threats with our website security built into every website.


We’ll set you up on our recommended web hosting platform, including SSL certificates, caching, and CDN features.

support & Maintenance

We offer website maintenance and support services to keep your site in tip-top shape.
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