Content Decisions Before Going Mobile

With so many businesses moving their websites towards responsive design, mobile first approaches, mobile apps, etc. I think it important to take a step back and go through your content decisions and strategies for different devices and environments prior to design and development. These discussions and choices will help guide the process and lend direction to developing your mobile facing presence.

I had the opportunity to talk in conjunction with two other panelists at a recent local meetup here in Bend: Thoughts, Tools, and Workflow for Responsive Web Design

#1 take away from me: Think of your users, and think of your users in the context of using their different devices: Are they checking for the latest news update on their phone or researching and browsing through your content while on their laptop at home. Then present the appropriate content and functionality for those situations.

For reference, here are my presentation slides:

Content Strategies for Responsive & Mobile First


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