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custom web design client Merry Ann Moore - Moore Creative

Merry Ann Moore – Moore Creative

Stacy is that very rare web developer who can do it all. She codes, she designs and she has great UX insights. She helped me update my very stale WordPress site, collaborating with the hosting company, speaking geek with the offshore theme support staff and holding my hand through the ordeal. My previously non-mobile-responsive, slow-loading …

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custom websites and company lead gen client Pete Keane - Timberline Mountain Guides

Timberline Mountain Guides

I have used Stacy for about 6 years for our web design and implementation. She has been through 4 complete website construction projects for our business. She is current and up to date on new technologies and SEO concepts. She is pleasure to work with, and I am always very happy with the look and …

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custom website design client

Scott Simmonds

Stacy is maddening to work with – in a good way.  She pushed back when you need it.  She doesn’t just say yes because you are paying her.  She tells you what she thinks. Its maddening that she is always right. Hire her.

web design and web maintenance client

Valere Beck

I worked with Stacy for 3 years through my employment at MedCure, Inc. on website creation, SEO strategies, and social media integration. We created a platform that responded well to search engines which had a huge impact in generating “organic” leads. I learned a lot from working with her and her insights and creations generated …

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