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Get an SEO Audit of your Website

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Spot Problems

Any number of lingering issues can drag your site down and drop it within search engine results that are not visible to you. Find out what you need to fix.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your website will be evaluated for technical performance, on-page SEO, social media listings, base keyword performance, and a competitive analysis for a full perspective.

Have a Game Plan

With the website report, you will have a strategy of what to do to improve your website with a prioritized list of recommended next steps.

How the SEO Audit Works

Here is an overview of the process, nice and easy!
  1. You’ll be sent a brief questionnaire to get an idea of scope and any issues that you want us to focus on.
  2. I’ll need access to some critical logins for your site to really dig into the details.
  3. I’ll confirm the project with a short contract so everyone is on the same page.
  4. After providing a deposit, the evaluation will be kicked off and a review meeting scheduled.
  5. In that meeting I will present the full report and talk you through the details.
What’s Next? That’s up to you. Saved Web Strategies is available to implement most changes found in the audit that need to happen to your site, or I can consult with you further to find your best options for improvement.

Get Your SEO Audit

Get started today to learn about what you need to change for your website's SEO.

Who is the Audit For?

This is for any website owner who wants their website to perform better in search engine results and be more easily found by potential customers. An SEO audit can benefit freelancers, small to medium businesses, eCommerce sites, and anyone looking to improve their SEO performance. 

I also specialize in digging into specific or elusive problems that may be plaguing your site.

While Saveda specializes in building WordPress sites, any website platform can be evaluated using our system.

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