Making your project run more smoothly by thinking it through first.​

We like to take our clients through a proven web development process that will in turn help you define your messaging and strategies for a quality online presence. Along the way, we are sure to advise you on best practices and stay forward thinking on new web trends that can work for you.

our web design and web development process


Requirements & Information Architecture

information architecture, analysis

Requirements & Information Architecture

Every successful website needs a clear definition of priorities and scope. We provide tools to define your site from multiple perspectives, and bring the experience of pulling these together in an easily communicated plan.

Deliverables can include, depending on the project:

  • Project Summary
  • Audience Profiles
  • Site Map
  • Wireframes
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Specifications

Facilitating Client/Developer Relationships

While Saveda can build your site for you, we can also refer you to proven graphic design and development companies in the Portland area. We will sit down with you to define your project and recommend proven technologies. By providing you with deliverables such as an executive summary, wire frames, and site map, your time and involvement with development is focused and maximized.


Graphic Design & Web Development

web development

Graphic Design & Web Development

Saveda provides services in web design, logo design, site development, site deployment – with both startup and maintenance plans. We can create a site for you using clean, classic HTML and CSS, but also can utilize a content management system to allow you to update the content directly. We prefer the WordPress CMS system because it allows us to leverage a global development pool and quickly pull advanced functionality into the site via plug-ins and other features.

    Why WordPress

    WordPress is an open source content management system that allows us to develop websites quickly, while tapping into an international pool of developers for dynamic and cutting-edge plugins that bring new features to your website. As a content management system, you can control the content on your site, allowing the people who know the business best to control the message.


    Analyzing & Writing Content

    Content and content strategy

    Authoring & Analyzing Content

    With a quarter century of writing experience, we offer writing services from a project’s start to finish. Whether it is the generation of technical manuals to editing services, we can help you get your ideas down on paper in a concise and professional manner.

    How you deliver your information can be as important as the content. From clean, print-ready pieces to well organized online help systems, we are experienced with a variety of mediums.

    Here is a sample of what we offer:

    • Software requirements and use cases
    • Technical user manuals
    • Online help systems
    • Website content matrix
    • Content analysis
    • Freelance articles
    • Copyright editing

    Content Drives Customers

    On the web, content is still king. It explains your business, peaks customers’ interest, directs them through your site, and is a heavy contributor to SEO. We understand that content is a critical piece of your site, and that it has too be looked at from marketing and branding perspective as well as deliver results with placing your site in search engines.


    Web Strategy & Search Engine Optimization


    Social Media  & SEO

    It is no longer acceptable to just put your web site up and to expect your customers to find you. Placement in search engines is a key success factor and the game is always changing. A meta tag and series of keywords will no longer get you on the first page of search results. You need a more comprehensive strategy.

    We believe in researching and identifying your target keywords and SEO strategy at the beginning of the project, so everything we build can be optimized for it. Then this is the stage when your site is complete and it’s time to turn on the spotlight and drive traffic to it.

    Keep in mind that well-crafted efforts that improve SEO results also create a richer and more dynamic site that your customers will find more engaging.