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The Laurel Group

Responsive Design, Web Design, Custom Post Types

At Saveda Web Strategies, we take pride in crafting custom website solutions that not only look great but also effectively communicate our clients’ messages to their target audience.

With the Laurel Group, we embarked on a deep dive into their messaging strategy to ensure that their website would deliver clear and concise information about their services and experience in executive recruitment and successful placements. Saveda Web Strategies worked closely with the client to develop messaging that would resonate with their target audience and effectively communicate their value proposition.

But messaging was just the beginning. We also created a number of custom post types and templates for the Laurel Group’s website content, including placement profiles, company grids, and testimonials to ensure that each piece of content was designed to achieve a specific goal. As part of every web development project at Saveda Web Strategies, we also focused on responsive design principles to ensure that the website was accessible on all devices and be accessible to as many potential clients as possible.

While the website was designed to clearly and cleanly communicate the Laurel Group’s messaging and differentiators, the website’s pages were designed to convert visitors into leads while also optimizing pages for search engine rankings to bring potential clients to the site.

The end result was a website that not only looked great but also delivered clear and compelling messaging to the Laurel Group’s target audience. Our custom design, post types, and content strategy helped the client achieve their goals and grow their business, all while delivering an exceptional user experience.

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