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Linton Horner Coaching

Custom Web Design, Responsive Design, Integrations

When Anne Linton decided to partner with Chris Horton to offer performance coaching for cyclists and triathletes, she came to us to develop a new website that kept with the vibrance and cleanliness of her brand.

The web design focused on their color scheme while playing with typography for the custom website. It was also critical that the website look good on mobile and be responsive, which was tested extensively.

Another key factor to the website’s design was to highlight the people involved with their training and the depth of the coaches’ experience. Photos were important in design, and a custom template was created for the coaches’ bios to list their background as well as a timeline to visualize how deep those experiences were.

We worked with Anne to define clear messaging and calls to action, to make it simple an easy for clients to understand her offerings and sign up. Part of this was to integrate lead forms, her custom training app, and create a spin off site to focus on virtual indoor training classes offered during the pandemic.

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