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Goody’s Chocolates & Ice Cream

Responsive Design, Custom Web Development, Local SEO, eCommerce

We thoroughly enjoyed crafting a website that not only captured the delicious essence of the longstanding institution in Bend, Oregon — Goody’s Chocolates & Ice Cream — but also placed a strong emphasis on responsive design, custom web development, local SEO, and eCommerce services.

In this project, we didn’t just focus on aesthetics; we actively ensured that the website seamlessly adapts to various devices and screen sizes through meticulous attention to responsive design. Custom web development played a pivotal role, allowing us to tailor unique features that resonate with Goody’s brand identity.

Beyond just visuals and functionality, we delved deep into storytelling, creating compelling content that vividly narrated the rich story of Goody’s. The integration of their Instagram feed added another dynamic layer, showcasing the love and community activities associated with this cherished establishment.

Recognizing the critical importance of local SEO, we proactively implemented strategic efforts to optimize online visibility. This involved a thorough clean-up of business listings and precise configuration of schema data, making it effortless for both locals and tourists to locate Goody’s whenever their cravings for sweet indulgences arose.

Furthermore, our commitment to providing comprehensive services extended to eCommerce functionality. We actively implemented robust features to facilitate seamless online transactions, allowing customers to indulge in Goody’s treats with just a few clicks creating a custom store in Shopify.

In essence, this project exemplifies a proactive and holistic approach to web development, intertwining responsive design, custom development, local SEO, and eCommerce services to elevate the online presence of Goody’s Chocolates & Ice Cream and provide an immersive digital experience for their customers.

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