Portfolio Category: User Experience

shopping cart flow wireframes

Mobile Shopping Cart UI

For this project we did an analysis of a user’s flow through a shopping cart’s checkout process on mobile devices. Then created a series of wireframes for each step in the process to meet the business needs while presenting a process with a limited number of barriers and distractions. The goal was to create a …

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user persona examples by Stacy Desmond

User Personas

This user persona project pulled together data from multiple sources: Google Analytics, survey responses, user research, competitive analysis, and a series of structured one-on-one user interviews. The goal was to get a good picture of who their users were, and who they could be when they grew. We gained a clearer understanding of the human …

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mobile wireframe by Stacy Desmond

Mobile Focused Solution

This client’s website was not responsive and their current mobile interface was a simplified version of their home page. For this project we discussed creating a mobile-optimized experience that would be more engaging for their users and drive them towards the organization’s CTAs. User research was conducted inform the decisions of what to include and …

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interface design AFTER: BDS Folder View

BDS Software UI

We were called in to assist with putting a fresh face on the user interface for Work The System’s Business Documentation Software, with an emphasis on modernizing the look while keep it clean, intuitive, and responsive. Most critical was to create a clear and consistent way for people to navigate the system and perform tasks. The …

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app design, app flow for Wells Fargo Financial Services For Businesses Like Yours

Wells Fargo – Business App

The team that created the Wells Fargo Business Like Yours application was pulled in from many different entities and disciplines to create this Flash-based interactive app used to formulate customized solutions for business owners. For our part, we served as the information architect and to lend a user’s perspective in the process.

information architecture for Windows Embedded - Redesigned & Rearchitected

Microsoft Windows Embedded

Redesigning this site was about focusing on the user by identifying the path of two distinctive user groups: presales and developers. Our goal became delivering content that is relevant to the user in a way that would speak best to that user. For this project, the design was cleaned up to make it simple and …

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wireframes and process flow by Stacy Desmond for the Oregon community foundation (ocf)

Oregon Community Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation manages a number of different efforts, from soliciting donors to distributing funds to area non-profits. Their website was redesigned to better communicate the mission of OCF while making it easy for anyone coming to the site to get the information they needed. We devised a new architecture that was task-based in …

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