web design of home page for Oregon Ski Guides

Oregon Ski Guides

A clean, photo-centric WordPress installation. This site lent itself to vibrant pictures and epic photos, so we chose to have a simple design that would

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web design for nonprofits Meissner Nordic - Home page

Meissner Nordic

Meissner Nordic is a vibrant, active non-profit that needed to reach potential members and engage existing ones, not to mention increase memberships and donations for

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custom designed home page


This redesign project involved a lot of work on fine tuning messaging in order to tell the compelling stories behind MedCure’s whole body donation. This

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responsive design for Ward Grover - 3 different widths for responsive design

Ward Grover

For this website design, the busy lawyers of Ward Grover LLP needed a clean design that translated well on a variety of devices without creating

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sitemap and wireframes by Stacy Desmond for Posit Science's custom website design

Posit Science

Posit Science needed to a clearer way to communicate their products and the science behind them, while funneling visitors to their sister sites with additional

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