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web design of home page for Oregon Ski Guides

Oregon Ski Guides

A clean, photo-centric WordPress installation. This site lent itself to vibrant pictures and epic photos, so we chose to have a simple design that would frame those photos in order to tell the story of the experiences that Oregon Ski Guides had to offer. Other key features of the site include custom meta fields per …

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web design for nonprofits Meissner Nordic - Home page

Meissner Nordic

Meissner Nordic is a vibrant, active non-profit that needed to reach potential members and engage existing ones, not to mention increase memberships and donations for the health of the club. This was a full redesign to pull in photos and messaging within the slideshow, allow for immediate mobile posting of grooming reports, provide club announcements, …

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custom designed home page


This redesign project involved a lot of work on fine tuning messaging in order to tell the compelling stories behind MedCure’s whole body donation. This included considering what would work best for an older set of users. In addition to a full site design and migration to WordPress, the project has since expanded to include …

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responsive design for Ward Grover - 3 different widths for responsive design

Ward Grover

For this website design, the busy lawyers of Ward Grover LLP needed a clean design that translated well on a variety of devices without creating a maintenance nightmare. The answer was in utilizing responsive design practices, which renders the same content differently depending on a device’s width. This allows a single website to display well …

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app design, app flow for Wells Fargo Financial Services For Businesses Like Yours

Wells Fargo – Business App

The team that created the Wells Fargo Business Like Yours application was pulled in from many different entities and disciplines to create this Flash-based interactive app used to formulate customized solutions for business owners. For our part, we served as the information architect and to lend a user’s perspective in the process.

sitemap and wireframes for the web design process for Social Venture Partners Portland (SVPP)

Social Venture Partners Portland

Social Venture Partners Portland (SVPP) is another example of a non-profit that needed to engage its donors and tell compelling stories about its mission. As part of its redesign, we were pulled in to re-architect the site in order to create clear organization and navigation while highlighting its call to action and bits of additional …

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sitemap and wireframes by Stacy Desmond for Posit Science's custom website design

Posit Science

Posit Science needed to a clearer way to communicate their products and the science behind them, while funneling visitors to their sister sites with additional information. Saveda re-architected the navigational structure while populating the sidebar with related information to aid in horizontal browsing.