Project Details


Skills Needed:

user research, user interviews, surveys, data crunching




Why is the picture so fuzzy? We like to honor our NDAs and protect our clients' proprietary information.
user persona examples by Stacy Desmond

Project Description

This user persona project pulled together data from multiple sources: Google Analytics, survey responses, user research, competitive analysis, and a series of structured one-on-one user interviews. The goal was to get a good picture of who their users were, and who they could be when they grew.

We gained a clearer understanding of the human side of the clients' users, beyond statistics. To better understand what they enjoyed about the product, what frustrated them about it, plus insights into how they conducted their business.

The information gained from researching and developing these user personas helped determine how to focus the next generation of their platform and was used as part of a case for pitching to investors.

For more information on the process, you can read our User Personas post.