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Responsive Web Design, Information Organization, Information Architecture, On-Page SEO



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The Monterey Company
The Monterey Company

Project Description

The Monterey Company's website was in a place where it need reorganization. We spent time discussing their products, their target customers, and how best to use proven SEO practices to get in front of them. This resulted in a full revamp of their site, especially their information architecture and menu structure, to improve how information was presented to potential clients.

Monterey - flip boxes

Along with hammering out technical improvements, we also brought in a fresher and lighter look to the site and made the products front and center with cleaner imagery. To help organize bits of information better and give some life and interactivity to the site, we pulled in elements such as flip books, expandable toggle sections, tabs, testimonials that pop, and custom icon sets to better help communicate the ordering process.

Monterey - custom ordering process icons
Custom icons