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Improving Business – SEO at Work for Smith Rock Climbing School

Pete came to us in January wanting to put greater focus on Timberline Mountain Guide’s sister business, Smith Rock Climbing School. Being that it was a series of pages embedded in the TMG site, we first pulled it out into a site of it’s own and assigned it an unique URL. Then the real work began to funnel traffic to the site and get the new site on search engines’ radar with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy.

The Plan

Saveda formulated an SEO strategy with the following elements:

  • Competitive Analysis – it is key to see what your competitors are doing, and how best to differentiate yourselves.
  • Analysis of Current Stats – you need to see where you are before determining where you need to go.
  • What Google Thinks – another pulse on current conditions is to determine how search engines are classifying your site.
  • Site Description Recommendations – it is critical to nail down a punchy site description that gets you results and is consistent.
  • Keyword Analysis – keywords are the backbone to search results, they need to be boiled down to top-priority items and used consistently.
  • External Strategy – how your site interacts with other sites and listings keeps it dynamic and proves that you are viable business.

The Results

After rolling out our targeted changes, TMG reported a dramatic uptick in traffic from last year. Comparing the same date range from last year to the new optimized site, we found:

Overall page views 355%On a base level, traffic increased 3.5 times.
Unique visitors384%There were almost 4 times the number of new people coming to the site.
Bounce rates10%People didn’t leave the site as frequently, letting the message get through.
Average time on the site 211%People stayed on the site longer reading more information.

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