How to Define What You Need – RFPs

Part of the web design process that we offer clients is an analysis stage, where we discuss your business, your users, and map out how your new website will meet the needs of both.

This stage often exposes potential holes in how much the client has defined their website needs, including a need for branding and a digital marketing plan that informs the website design process. It is helpful for us, and any web developer, when a client has been able to define these needs.

That takes us to a handy tool: the RFP (Request for Proposal) .

Whether it is an in-depth multi-departmentally reviewed document or a simple outline, defining your new website’s goals, functionality, problems to solve, timeline, and budget goes a long way towards a successful and smooth-running process. Plus it helps a web developer and designer to better create a proposal and run a project where everyone is on the same page.

For a more detailed explanation of technical RFPs, including sample templates of web design and web development, you can turn to the IT Services RFP article created by Design Rush. They offer information not only on how to navigate technical project but also a directory to put you in contact with vetted designers and developers.

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