About Saveda

Saveda Web Strategies helps small businesses with every aspect of their website, including design, information architecture, content creation, website development, user experience analysis, search engine optimization, and social media strategies. We help you put the pieces together to make your online representation sizzle.

We enjoy how software can improve your life or business and always offers a new challenge. Coming up with solutions is what we thrive on, whether it is how to present information to the layout of a web page or a complete reorganization of your communications. We are visual and verbal, tempered by reality.

We believe in a give-and-take with our clients, and look forward to discussing your project. Users are the focus of our work, and improving the communication between them and the people developing the products and sites for them.

Saveda Web Strategies

Stacy Desmond
Principal, UX Analyst, Web Developer
Stacy Desmond is Saveda’s founder and principal. She has been working in the software and web technology industries for over 20 years – from testing to technical writing to web development.

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